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All in Two

Solar LED Street Light (5~8M)

HELIOS all in two smart solar led street light is the most classic model in past years, it adopts LifePO4 battery pack, MPPT charge controller and ultra brightness Lumileds chip, HELIOS is designed for continoues long time and high brightness output with lighting program 6 hours 100% power and 6 hours 50%. Any solar panel can be plugged in directly with MC4 connects.

HELIOS series as the pioneer model of high power all in two solar led street light in 2016,  it is a integrated solar street Light combined ultra brightness Philips LED source, intelligent programable MPPT controller and lifePO4 battery pack, all these components are integrated inside of light fixture, Solar light head are connectted to solar panel by universal MC4 plugs.

Big capacity LifePO4 battery pack is adopt, and it could work continuously with high power, because solar panel is seperated from light head,  then customer can choose a suitable power of solar panel according their local solar radition to ensure enough power can be geneated daily to meet the power consumption of light.  for example, for same 50W light, the solar panle used in Saudi will be 80W only, while it should be 120W or 150W in Europe.

The lighting program can be modified  by the remote easily so that more energy could be saved so the lifetime of battery will be extended greatly with less depth of discharge. It is CB, IECEE approved.

HELIOS 20W | 30W | 50W

Rated Power


Luminous Flux (lm)

LifePO4 Battery

Solar Panel

Pole Height





50W 18V

5 meters





80W 18V

6 meters





120W 18V

8 meters



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