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All in Two Solar Street Light for Main Road

THOR 100W 120W is an perfect answer to be used for main road, it built in high capacity of LifePO4 battery pack and MPPT controller, and providing more than 12000lm which is very good for high poles. 6 hours 100% + 6 hours 50% as default lighting program. It connects to solar panel with universal MC4 connectors and cable is 2.5mm2.

2020 south asian up to 12 hours solar light head can work with 100% power continuously. using energy saving modes. Autonomy can reach to 3-4 days max without charging.

THOR 100WT120W

Rated Power

Luminous Flux (lm)

LifePO4 battery Built-in

Solar charge controller

Solar Panel (Min)

Apply to Pole



921WH 25.6V

24V 10A

200W 36V

8~12 meters



1075WH 25.6V

24V 10A

280W 36V

8~12 meters



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